Friday, July 9, 2010


What do you love? Maybe you love your great Uncle Harold that served in WWII. Maybe you love your cat. Maybe you've found that person in life that makes your heart drop to your feet. Maybe they love you back. Maybe you're hoping they will. There are many different definitions of the word love. Why? Because you can love just about anything. People, places, things, memories, dreams. When asked, every person in the world can have a different definition of the word love. Well, my friends... I want to know what you love. When the road gets rough, it's important to remember the things you love about life. I want to make people think about what they so seldom remember. So, I'm spreading the love. I'm going around, putting posters up that say "I love..." and inviting people to write down what it is that they love. Every week, (at least) I'll put up a few more pictures of the signs after they're written on :) It's likely I'll lose a lot of Sharpies by leaving them in public places, and I'll probably lose a lot of signs as well. I'm willing to take that risk, because more than anything, I want people to be reminded of the wonderful things in life. If you'd like to spread the love, be my guest. If you do though, please send me a photo! I'll be putting up ALL of the photos I receive. Ready. Set. Love.

This one is my favorite so far! The Sharpie was never taken, and it made me proud of that neighborhood. For some reason, people just enjoy taking sharpies. Must be their appeal. It seems they really liked the sign too :)

These people seem to love God, football, and people. Not too many on this one, but it works! More were added, but the images weren't exactly appropriate to post. What do you guys think, should I post the finished signs no matter what's on them? We can vote. Ps- Yes, that's me. Shhh ;)

This sign was put up in the Niagara Falls state park. It was taken down before I got a chance to take it home, but I happened to get a picture of it before that happened! These people loved dolphins, joy, family, Canada, giraffes, Doug, and "good people but they are rare!" :)

Here's hoping you like no... love what you see.
Let me know if you agree with any of these, tell me what you love, let me know if you want to see more, and spread the love!

Send your pictures to:!
I promise they'll make it in a post :)